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EMF Camp 2014

You’ll be happy to know that Potteries Hackspace were in attendance at EMF Camp 2014.

Electromagnetic Field (aka EMF Camp) is a festival like no other. It’s not about bands or artists, or even music. It’s about people like you and I, hackers, makers, engineers, programmers, scientists, gamers, geeks, nerds… whatever your thing is, there’s something for you. Think Hackspace meets Glastonbury.

Hosted in a field Milton Keynes and on this weekend (Friday 29th until Sunday 31st).

Although there’s been a few festivals similar to this across the globe, this is only the second time the EMF Camp has taken place. It was last on in 2012. I missed out and wasn’t going to miss out again.

A whole bunch of photos were taking while at EMF Camp.

Gallery Part 1

Gallery Part 2 (mobile phone)

Until next time… Keep hacking!