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Getting Ready for Craft Council’s Make:Shift:Do

In short: We make things – and so can you! Open Doors Day for Make:Shift:Do Saturday 24 October 2015, 11am-4pm, All Welcome…

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The past few weeks have been busy at and around the Potteries Hackspace community workshop which is currently (but not for very much longer) on the corner of Seabridge Rd and Higherland in Newcastle-under-Lyme…

Contractors have been finishing off works in the lower unit of the building we’re in, and up in our space we have had two main objectives:

(1) be ready for an awesome open doors day as part of the Make:Shift:Do 2015 UK-wide event on Saturday 24 October, and (2) be ready to move out of the space soon after!

Whilst we are a bit sad about the second of those items, it has been a great motivator for having an extra-super-organised-clear-up-and-stock-take of what we have and what we do – and what we have and what we do is what it’s all about for this thing called Make:Shift:Do

Inside, on the day, you will find hands-on examples of Robots, 3D-printing, e-bikes, many computers of different shapes and sizes being used for digital making of various kinds, computer-gaming technologies of various vintages spanning 30 years or more, 12-volt systems for the home, blacksmithing and more (including foodstuffs and drinks for free!)

Here’s what the Craft Council are saying about the events:

Thirty ‘make spaces’ across the UK from Dundee to Southampton will open their doors to the public for Make:Shift:Do. And there’s something for everyone with events to suit all ages and skill levels. Venues include: V&A, the Fab Lab at the Royal Society of Arts, Silk Mill in Derby, FabLab Nerve Centre in Northern Ireland, Blackpool Makerspace, DoES Liverpool, New Digital Craft at York College, Potteries Hackspace in Staffordshire and So Make It in Southampton.

From open-source making and the rise of 3D printers, the UK is witnessing a boom in new making, fuelled by accessible new design technology and the spread of social media.

Make:Shift:Do, organised by the Crafts Council in partnership with the V&A, Institute of Making at UCL and Ultimaker aims to allow everyone the chance to experience these new technologies through a programme of workshops, events and activities.

See the gallery of logos:

Also there is a facebook event page thing; click that if you like.